Wifi Marketing for hotels, hostels and tour operators

The tourism and hotel industry can take advantage of the Wi-Fi network to increase their income, improve customer loyalty, keep their guests happy and with a desire to return.

Easy Wi-Fi access for hotel guests and staff

The miWIFI.co tool has multiple authentication methods, such as validation through social networks, social linking (such as Facebook “check-in”), email, telephone, coupon or personalized code, password, etc.
We offer a 100% secure connection, thanks to the possibility of managing data management by separating internal traffic (employees, administration, etc.) from traffic generated by customers.
For example, the administrator of the network of a hotel chain could configure 4 SSIDs for each hotel: one for public spaces, such as the restaurant and the room, with social login and a limited session time; one for the rooms, with access based on coupons for free or paid Wi-Fi; one for hotel staff, with password; and one hidden, only for computers and other mobile payment systems.

Use your Wi-fi network to offer, sell and advertise your services

Transform your Wi-Fi network into a powerful tool to increase reservations, thanks to greater social visibility. Ask your guests to register at your hotel through Facebook when they connect to the Wi-Fi network and get positive comments on Tripavisor. Word of mouth and a positive web reputation will help you increase the number of reservations.
miWIFI.co also allows you to improve the experience of your guests. Show users their VIP rooms and suites with images on the welcome page and encourage them to improve their booking by choosing a more luxurious room. If you sell Wi-Fi through coupons, create different packages for basic Wi-Fi, standard Wi-Fi, and high-performance Wi-Fi (based on data share, number of devices, bandwidth, etc.).
Cross selling is increased through miWIFI.co. You can use the integrated advertising tool to promote the facilities of your hotel (the restaurant, the spa, etc.)

Wifi Marketing.

Get benefits from your public Wi-Fi hotspot


welcome page to

improve your offer

The welcome page to your Wi-Fi network, which appears when a new client tries to connect, is a powerful promotional tool. It currently supports more than 60 languages and is 100% compatible with smartphones, PCs and tablets.
You can add your logo, show multiple images and links, promote the services of your hotel (restaurant, beauty center, etc.), as well as image and video ads for free. You can even add custom code to include your Tripadvisor.com widget.

Robust, safe and easy to use

miWIFI.co is a robust, secure and safe system to manage your wireless devices and Wi-Fi networks. And it’s extremely easy to use for customers! Your guests will be delighted with the automatic detection of the welcome portal and the quick access process, without hassle and with any of your social networks profile.

Collect your customers data

The Social Dashboard is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to view the information of your clients that connect to the Wi-Fi network, including sex, age, location, email and telephone. You can use data to segment your target and create remarketing lists.
In addition, this tool is integrated with Mailchimp and can be used with any marketing or sales software. Send newsletters and maintain contact with your customers.

Email Upgrades

With our Email Upgrades you can strengthen your marketing strategy and take better advantage of the information collected through your WIFI network. Take advantage of the versatility and power of these additional tools.

Email Onboarding

This tool designed especially for hotel and tourism establishments serves as an added value to inform guests of the full portfolio of services and options available to them during their stay. Your users will receive an email the first time they connect to myWIFI.co, where they will be warmly welcomed, along with information on events and other available services (SPA, Restaurant, Beauty Room, etc.). Likewise, they will receive a communication after the check-in, where they can include satisfaction surveys, promotional coupons or an invitation to post reviews on social networks such as Facebook and portals such as TripAdvisor.

Premium Landing Page

Once the client enters their authentication data, they are redirected to a personalized landing page. This page contains relevant information about your establishment such as the menu and links for the customer to enter the social networks of your establishment to encourage brand activations such as Likes, Follows, Retweets, Check-ins, etc. and the correct use of official place hashtags.

Email Remarketing

Remarketing can generate advertisements and emails specifically designed for users who previously visited your stablishment. This will increase the chances of this client returning to your place.

Email Reviews

These emails are a powerful tool that helps build the positive reputation of the establishment and better position your brand. For this purpose miWIFI designs and sends a communication to its most recurrent clients, requesting reviews for Tripadvisor and Facebook. NOTE: For the configuration of this Upgrade it is required to have a Facebook and Tripadvisor profile.

Social Landing Page

Increase your brand presence in social networks, redirecting all customers who connect to your free Wi-Fi network to one of your profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in order to increase the number of followers, likes and interactions with your publications.

Email de Satisfacción

These emails allow you to receive important feedback in real time from your customers through a satisfaction survey in order to detect and correct possible problems in terms of service, product, quality, etc. Because of their digital nature, they eliminate the waste of paper and facilitate the handling of information.

Pre-Authentication Ads

This tool gives you a space of guidelines in a pre-authentication announcement that users will see when connecting to other WIFI networks (as long as they are not direct competition). Other establishments can be for example hostels and hotels. The pattern will have a range of 1000 impacts or monthly Views.

Chat Bot

Enable our digital assistant that will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer frequently asked questions from your clients, manage reservations and other simple tasks. Our Chatbot can be integrated with your Facebook profile or your website.