Wifi Marketing for Health and Beauty

The owners of gyms, barbershops, hairdressers, spa and yoga schools can take advantage of its Wi-Fi network to keep in touch with their clients, increase their social exposure and their income. While hundreds or miles of new people go to these public places every month, the results difficult to track them, commit to them, make them stay longer or get them to come back.

my WIFI .co, with its set of functions for social networking and data collection, allows to collect useful information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, to promote your establishment to new potential customers.

Gather user information such as email addresses and phone numbers

miWIFI.co gives you the unique opportunity to meet your customers and interact with them during and after they visit your establishment. Thanks to the data collection tool, all users who connect to your Wi-Fi network will be automatically registered in the Social Dashboard, along with all available personal data (such as name, surname, address, gender, age, address of email, type of device, browser, among others).
Our tool allows you to export this information to any marketing software or external database, to promote your business through personalized newsletters, social re-targeting or text message.

Personalize your presentation page

The welcome page of miWIFI.co (authentication page that users see before connecting) can be customized with the logo and image of your company. You can also add links to your website, your Tripadvisor page or any other link that is relevant. Add your daily menu, the video of your last event, or promotions and offers for your clients, among other ideas to obtain benefits from your Wi-fi network.

Email Newsletter

Through this email tool, you can inform your customer database of information, news or events of your establishment. miWIFI.co creates, designs, sends this communication monthly and then analyzes the relevant data such as opening rate, clicks, among others.

Social Landing Page

Increase your brand presence in social networks, redirecting all customers who connect to your free Wi-Fi network to one of your profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in order to increase the number of followers, likes and interactions with your publications .

Email Remarketing

Remarketing can generate advertisements and emails specifically designed for users who previously visited your stablishment. This will increase the chances of this client returning to your place.

Email Reviews

These emails are a powerful tool that helps build the positive reputation of the establishment and better position your brand. For this purpose miWIFI designs and sends a communication to its most recurrent clients, requesting reviews for Tripadvisor and Facebook. NOTE: For the configuration of this Upgrade it is required to have a Facebook and Tripadvisor profile.

Email Satisfaction Surveys

These emails allow you to receive important feedback in real time from your customers through a satisfaction survey in order to detect and correct possible problems in terms of service, product, quality, etc. Because of their digital nature, they eliminate the waste of paper and facilitate the handling of information.

Premium Landing Page

Once the client enters their authentication data, they are redirected to a personalized landing page. This page contains relevant information about your establishment such as the menu and links for the customer to enter the social networks of your establishment to encourage brand activations such as Likes, Follows, Retweets, Check-ins, etc. and the correct use of official place hashtags.

Pre-Authentication Ads

This tool gives you an advertising space in a pre-authentication announcement that users will see when connecting to a public WIFI network. Other establishments can be for example hostels and hotels. This Ad space will have a reach of 1000 impacts or monthly Views.

Chat Bot

Enable our digital assistant that will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer frequently asked questions from your clients, manage reservations and other simple tasks. Our Chatbot can be integrated with your Facebook profile or your website.