Social Dashboard:

The most powerful

interaction and tracking

tool for your business

The added value of public Wi-Fi: data mining

Our Social Dashboard has a very easy-to-use interface, which simplifies the analysis of all data collected using your free Wi-Fi network. You can select a period of time (day / week / month / custom date range), observe the detailed and summarized data of your Wi-Fi hotspot. This data can be exported to a CSV file (included in the Social Dashboard) or using an API.



-Top 5 recurring users.
-New records (unique users).
-Recurrent users.
-Trends by week / month / year.
-Number of users who used a specific social network to log in: trend, single-day statistics.
-Facebook check-ins.
-Gender and age.
-Location: world map or statistics of a single country.

Data by


-Name and surname.
-Age and date of birth.
-Email address.
-Number of telephone (verified with the SMS token).
-Social Network selected to login.
-Number of connections to the Wi-Fi network.
-Registration date.
-Name of the point and SSID used to connect.
– MAC address of the AP.
-IP address and MAC address of the client.



Make simple and complex queries in the Social Dashboard and save your contact list in CSV or XLSX. The filters include:
-Age or range.


-Location (city and country).

-Type of login.

-Registration date.