Why should you integrate your Wifi network with your business’ marketing strategy?

Free Wi-Fi is a powerful tool that allows you to collect a large amount of data from real and potential customers who visit your establishment. Offering this service translates into happy and committed customers, increases the opportunities to build loyalty and provides valuable information for any decision making process.

Wifi Marketing.

Take advantage of your public Wi-Fi hotspot

Increase conversions

Thanks to miWIFI.co you can make use of an advertising system that allows you to generate more direct and online conversions.

Analyze your customers data

Get to know your customer’s data such as gender, age and location, and improve your business’ the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Generate qualified leads

Increase the number of users in your database to implement strategies for loyalty and brand positioning, among other benefits.

How does it work?

Your clients will be able to connect in a fast and simple way.
Your employees will no longer waste time dictating passwords!

1. Your client connects to the Wi-Fi network

Easy and safe. No passwords needed!

2. Your client arrives to an authentication page with the logo of your establishment

Promote your brand. Set up a customized message.

3. Your client logins providing a social network profile or email address

Get information to better understand and categorize your clients.

4. Congratulations! Your client’s profile has been saved using the Captive Portal

Take advantage of our platform’s available features to strengthen your digital marketing strategy.

Wifi Marketing Solutions

For bars and restaurants

Hundreds of new people come and go to restaurants every month, but it’s hard to track them down or make them want to go back. Wifi marketing is the solution.

For hotels and hostels

The tourism industry can take advantage of free Wi-Fi networks to increase revenues, get positive reviews, keep their guests happy and build loyalty.

For Health and Beauty

A SPA center, a Gym or beauty parlor are places where clients stay for extended periods of time. It is a great opportunity to know them better!

Retail and stores

Get to know your client better while he’s inside the store. Take advantage of your Wi-fi network to share promotions, new products and offers!

and features



Meet your business’ recurring users through a user-friendly interface. Analyze their demographic data, among other relevant information, to help you build loyalty .

Welcome Page for your WiFi network

The Gateway that the user finds when accessing your free Wifi network can be a powerful marketing tool for your business, where you can share information such as offers and other content.


Let data guide your business!