About US

In today’s world of digital business, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of marketing opportunities through a variety of channels in real time. miWIFI.co combines an approach based on data management with extensive experience in digital marketing acquired in almost a decade of work with some of the largest brands in the world, Latin America and the US such as: Colgate, Energizer, Playstation, Channel, Open English, SAP, General Mills, Dish Network, Puerto Rico
Tourism Board, ADT Security, Peru Board of Tourism, Starwood Hotels.
Our founders are renowned professionals in digital advertising, and have been panelists for several national and international conferences. Their combined experience includes more than 20 years of knowledge in this area, having managed a total budget of 30 million dollars in digital and organic advertising in the United States and Latin America.

Kyle Prall

Co-founder & CEO

Johan García

Founder – COO/CMO

Sebastián León

Co-founder & Sales Director

Adolfo Martinez

Co-founder & CTO

Camilo Navarro

CRO & Creative Director

Angeles Rodriguez

IT Support

Felipe Muñoz

CS & Content Director

Paola Pérez

Restaurant Lead

Hernán González

Application Developer

Edgar Martinez

Application Developer

Daniel Barrera

Application Developer

Jhonathan Borda

Application Developer

Katerin Alvarez

City Lead

Laura García

Customer Service Lead